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Recap of Turning Career Trauma into Career Truimph

Posted by [email protected] on 07/10/2020 9:58 am  

AWAF’s Professional Development & Programming Committees presented another Virtual Happy Hour on Thursday, June 25, featuring our own past president Linda Taliaferro as our guest speaker.  Linda is a career expert and founder of The TEE – The Extra Effort where she provides guidance and counsel in meeting the challenges of climbing the corporate ladder and overcoming obstacles that have prevented well-qualified people from reaching their full potential.  With a wealth of experience gained working for numerous Fortune 500 companies – including her current role as a senior-level global executive for a $4 billion corporation, Linda shared some of the wisdom she’s gained throughout her own career journey – including some very personal early traumas that helped shape the trajectory of her career.

Some of the nuggets gained from Linda’s very open conversation with our members and guests included the following:

  • Education is foundational
  • Confidence is a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger you get!
  • Believe in yourself – don’t fall prey to the “imposter syndrome”
  • What doesn’t kill you does make you stronger!
  • Who you are personally is who you are professionally!


And her 6 ways to turn career trauma into career triumph:

  1. Find your voice and use it!  (That’s when she really started to bloom – and it took just one person to help turn the tide!)
  2. Know your worth and walk in it
  3. Relationships are EVERYTHING – no man is an island
  4. Focus on BEING
  5. Establish your U.P. – Unique Persona/Your Brand
  6. Be authentic

Linda’s Zoom presentation is available for viewing on YouTube. To view:

Please feel free to get in touch with Linda as follows:


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