Member Application

You can either join online using the form below.  Please only fill out the online form if you intend to pay now for your membership, otherwise simply download the application & mail it in with your check. 
$85 -  Regular Membership, a professional working in the automotive industry

$150 - Gold Membership, an automotive professional who wants to give additional support to our mission; receives additional benefits including listing in AWAF e-newsletter  and acknowlegdment of special membership at an AWAF event

$75 - Academic Professional Membership, an educator at a college, university, trade school, high school or middle school

$45 - Graduate Student Membership, pursuing your graduate degree but still working in the industry 

$25 - Retiree Membership, automotive retiree who is no longer working 

$25 - Transitional Membership, temporarily unemployed

$25 - Student Membership, full-time student attending a college, university, trade school or high school

After filling form below (if you are planning to join now) click submit and mark the level you are joining and add your payment.

 Industry Consultant
 Sales / Marketing
 Industry Association
 Parts Supplier (Tier 1/2)
 Retail Dealer
 Service Provider (Solutions vs. Product)
  Marketing (Newsletter, PR, Website)
  Golf Outing

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