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Why Consider Coaching?

  • Take inventory - your values, strengths, any blind spots
  • Establish realistic goals & develop strategies to accomplish your goals
  • Build and enhance your personal & professional brand
  • Meet yourself on a deeper level & learn how to grow personally & professionally Experience real-time, real-life implementation

What’s the Process?

  • Upon payment, you, the coachee, will be sent a client inquiry to help us find a good match.
  • Matching process will occur during the last two weeks of October, after which you will be connected.
  • You and your coach will define frequency and time/location of your six sessions.
  • After completion, it is required that each coach/coachee complete a Survey Monkey evaluation of the program.

Your contribution:

  • 6-one hour sessions for $150.00
  • First session should be scheduled by November 2, 2020
  • Sessions must be completed by March 15, 2021

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Coaching Testimonials

Taylor LeeThe coaching program through AWAF provided me a great catalyst for moving my career in the right direction. Through the sessions, I was able to look introspectively and analyze behaviors that may be holding me back in a work environment. The process gave me a new perspective and allowed me to learn through on-the-job practice of ideas we discussed in our sessions.  The guidance and independent viewpoint of my coach was very helpful.
- Taylor Lee, Business Analyst, Ricardo Inc.


Kim ZiomekAWAF has opportunities in abundance for both career and personal growth.  One such opportunity was the AWAF Coaching program that was offered to all AWAF Members about 5 months ago.  Although, I am a certified Mentor and Career Coach already, I saw this as an opportunity to grow my professional tool kit.  Thus, I signed up for the inaugural AWAF Coaching program.  Many coaching programs are very costly and since AWAF partnered with the International Coach Federation (IFC), we were able to offer this 6 session program for $150.  As a result of partnering with the International Coach Federation (IFC), they arranged for all the fees to go to the AWAF Scholarship program in return for the coaches progression for accreditation.  Thus, I was paired with Ms. Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff, Coach from the International Coach Federation (IFC). 

We started our coaching journey at the end of July.  She was accommodating to my schedule and we either met in person or talked on the phone.  The sessions provided coaching that involved deep thinking, role playing, discussing the value of effective leadership and how important it is to truly align your values with organizations that are similar.  Our six sessions provided counsel and guidance that have sharpened both the type of company that I aspire to be associated with and how important it is to stay true to your value set.

I am very pleased that the IFC has partnered with AWAF and that I had the honor to be a part of the “kick-off” program.  I cannot speak highly enough of how my coach – Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff supported my journey, offered constructive feedback and supported my coaching sessions to the “nth” degree. 

I highly recommend the AWAF/IFC Coaching program to anyone who is seeking a professional coach to counsel and guide them on their career journey for growth.  This is a great opportunity that is offered to any AWAF Member and I sincerely hope that AWAF Members take advantage of this fantastic program.

    - Kim Ziomek, AWAF Board Member

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