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    AWAF Represented at DAPCEP's 2019 STEM Day

    STEM Day Participants

    Thank you to the volunteers and board members that represented AWAF so well at
    DAPCEP’s 2019 STEM Day on May 7 at the Michigan Science Center. This was AWAF’s
    first STEM initiative.

    From a volunteer breakfast beginning at 8 AM to four panel discussions held through the
    afternoon AWAF helped rock the Motor City and put the STEM spark in a lot of students.
    With the panel topic: STEM & Mobility: You Go Girl! – the panelist engaged the girls and the
    boys in conversations about mobility and how we can enhance it for others.

    During the event panelists and volunteers had the opportunity to scope out what other
    STEM activities were going on and noted that next year having a booth with hands-on
    activities to get the kids more engaged might be the way to kick it up a notch.
    Sponsors of the event included: Aerotek, BrassCraft, Comerica, COMTO, Ford, GM, FTCH,
    Macomb Community College, Marathon, NBMBAA, Rousch, University of Michigan, Wayne
    State University and AWAF.

    This was the first of three events AWAF will be partnering in this year. The next two events
    are in the making and most likely will entail partnerships at the high school and college

    “Wow! What an amazing STEM Day 2019. You must know that Team AWAF will
    forever be known for their enthusiasm, excellence and commitment to young

    Thank you again for all you do to increase the number of prepared students who will
    enter the STEM pipeline. I have no doubt you will see some of the young women you
    served, showing up at your door with resume in hand!

    On behalf of DAPCEP and the 1,090 students who attended STEM Day 2019, we
    say "THANK YOU AWAF." -- Maria Webb, Director of Development, DAPCEP
    DAPCEP (Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program) is a nonprofit organization with
    40 years of experience partnering with universities, training programs, and K-12 school
    systems in order to connect youth to the best science, technology, engineering, and math
    (STEM) educational experiences in Michigan.