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    Having Difficult Conversations with an Open Heart and Open Mind

    June 04, 2020
    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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    This one-hour virtual instructor-led training is aimed at individuals who want to increase their ability to be productive and inclusive when having difficult conversations. The learners will participate in exercises such as polling, breakout rooms, chatting, and whiteboards. Each exercise increases the learners’ knowledge and skills in the three objectives. Learners will apply the knowledge learned to their specific difficult conversation. 

    The Objectives:

    1. The Ego as a barrier to having effective conversations: Attendees will be able to visualize how their ego is influencing the ability to have an effective difficult conversation.  And, Identify limiting beliefs that are impacting their ability to have an effective difficult conversation.   

    2. Tools that enable effective difficult conversations: Attendees will apply techniques to calm mind and body, creating the foundation for an open environment.They will also learn a framework that supports having a difficult conversation inlcuding

    • A process of visualization outcomes.
    • A tool to identify their colleagues’ perspectives. 
    • How to create curiosity. 
    • Three reflection questions that promote a mind-set of nourishment. 

    3. Commitment: 
    Attendees will identify an area of focus for personal development to support their ability to have difficult conversations. 

    About the Presenters:
    Marian Morlock, Diane Morrison, and Jill Perrin, the co-creators of a six-series course, Expanding Leadership Capabilities, share a passion for helping Leaders grow professionally and personally in an ever changing environment. The co-creators met at Georgetown's Institute for Transformational Leadership Coaching Program. They quickly recognized that combining their common passion and diverse areas of expertise would translate into a powerful service to leadership development.

    Diane Morrison is a Leadership Facilitator, Coach and Author, who has been working in the field of leadership and organizational development for over 20 years. She has worked with over 20,000 front-line managers and middle managers in the training environment, designed over 500 leadership courses, and coached leaders for over 10 years.

    Marian Morlock is an executive level, global leadership coach and HR Consultant who increases organizational effectiveness and long-term organizational sustainability by facilitating leadership training and executive coaching engagements that align to succession planning and strategic goals.

    Limited to 30 attendees. Members-only event. 



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