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    Looking for Committee Members to help with Virtual Professional Development Programs

    Volunteers Needed:  AWAF is seeking 2 to 3 people to join the Professional Development Committee to assist with technical needs related to virtual programming.

    Volunteer Role:
    Manage tech details of actual workshops.  Oversee processes to test run with speakers, recording and loading onto website, making sure participants are able to join, facilitate questions from participants, etc.  Specifically:

      *   Work with AWAF administrative office to set up the Zoom meeting and necessary parameters.  Meet initially by phone or Zoom with administrative team to understand AWAF's administrative role and what AWAF has access to capability-wise.
      *   Manage test run with speakers.
      *   Act as administrative facilitator during the professional development segments.   (Let registrants into the meeting, facilitate questions with participants, mute and unmute people if necessary, other technical issues during meeting.)

    Time Commitment in this role is estimated to be:

      *   1-2 hours/week when virtual workshops are scheduled supporting various team tasks as mentioned in the above role description.  Number of virtual workshops is TBD, but expect to offer at least 4-6 over the next few months.

    If interested, please reply with your contact information to:  [email protected]