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    Volunteers needed for 4 New Ad Hoc Committees

    Call for Volunteers
    We need your ideas on important topics!

    Please consider volunteering for FOUR NEW Ad Hoc Committees to further research, discuss and present recommendations for goals and tactics to the board. Activities to begin in November, with a goal of report-out and recommendations in early Q1 prior to our board retreat. Estimated time is 2 hours per month November-Jan on zoom calls, with potential offline 2-4 hours research/actions/report prep.
    • AWAF Board composition: setting goals for intention as it relates to diversity and inclusion
    • AWAF Talent pipeline:  Define sponsorship offering as services or resources to support corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives in ways that meet 501c3 legal framework
    • AWAF Board activities: identify continuous improvement goals and actions as they relate to mindful intention for diversity and inclusion
    • AWAF resource offering as it relates to paid corporate board positions as part of career enhancement support
    Please contact [email protected] by October 30 to join a committee (more than one is OK!) and also advise if you would be interested to chair the committee.  This is a great chance to learn more about AWAF, network with members, gain committee experience and deliver value to our great organization - run by volunteers like you!