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    Volunteer Openings: Do you have interest or skills in virtual media or want to help produce our Virtual Happy Hour segments?

    Virtual Happy Hour Ad Hoc Concept Development Team

    As a follow-up to recommendations from the “future vision” report out led by Jane Bishop in 2018, AWAF is creating an ad hoc effort to investigate providing more content via digital media.  
    Specifically, this team will test video conferencing calls in a “Virtual Happy Hour”.

    • Focused on interview of professionals for “STEM herstory” and professional development content to enhance our current offerings from professional development, mentorship and coaching committees. 
    • To be carried out live and recorded to use as video content on website


    Volunteers Needed: AWAF is seeking 3-5 people to become a part of an ad hoc team for this concept development.

    Roles and activities to support will be:
    Board Advisor: Kellie Treppa, VP Career Enhancement

    Project Manager (1): Volunteer would schedule team calls, set agendas, provide notes from meetings.

    Technical lead (1-2): Volunteer(s) get Zoom set up with AWAF admin support and manages tech details of actual conferences. Oversees processes to test run with speakers, recording and loading onto website

    Content Coordinators (1-2): Volunteer(s) develop and maintain list of topics/speakers to pursue. Schedules speakers.  Works with speakers to set timing/run of show, preps quesitions and tests/dry run on Zoom with speaker. 

    Time Commitment in these roles are estimated to be:

    • Participate in monthly 1 hour Ad Hoc Team call
    • Participate quarterly 1 hour virtual happy hour
    • 3-5 hours per quarter supporting various team tasks mentioned in the role/activity descriptions 


    2019 Goals:

    • Establish Virtual Happy Hour ad hoc team Q3, hold first meeting by end of September
    • Hold monthly meeting
    • Hold a Virtual Happy Hour with a “STEM her story” video interview in Q4 with volunteers in place for support.  If first one goes well, then prepare to hold quarterly.


    Interested? Contact [email protected].