LaVonne Ellis

Awarded $2,500 on 10/21/2013

LaVonne is a senior at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI dual majoring in Global Supply Chain Management and Marketing.  She completed two internships at General Motors and is currently interning with Quicken Loans at an executive team coordinator.  Last year she and fifteen students participated in a directed study of logistics in Canada via the rail system with several companies in Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. Not only was she part of the study, but was selected as the student assistant by the Wayne State Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management to work on the course planning and organize the travel activities.

LaVonne has served for the past three years on the executive board of the Global Supply Chain Management Association (GSCMA) and is the current president.  The goal is to promote awareness of the supply chain industry and strong emphasis in the automotive industry.  She works closely with student members to achieve academic and professional success by building a foundation where the industry professional and student can connect and encourages networking with the business community.   Among her recommendation letters, were reflections of her acumen, ethics and integrity in business.  “She has tremendous potential and could one day serve in the senior management of an auto related firm.  “Many faculty and staff in the building request Ms. Ellis to do work because they trust her accuracy and the faculty are not always an easy group to please.”  “A young woman of exceptional ability and talent.”   Outside of school and work, LaVonne is involved in the community and has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, the Stanford House-12 Step Transitional Home for Abused Women & Children and guest speaking at the high school level to promote college opportunities and tips for career goals after college.  AWAF is very proud of LaVonne and includes her among our esteemed scholarship alumni.