Laura Peters

Awarded $2,500 on 8/19/2013

Laura is entering her second year with Kettering University in Flint, MI pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. She was competitively involved in the FIRST Robotics team during her junior and senior year of high school and in her final quarter worked in the haptic lab at Kettering University to gain more exposure to robotics. This hands-on experience deepened her interest in mechanical engineering and how robotics plays a significant role in the automotive industry.

Laura is interning at Federal Mogul in Plymouth MI. So far, her assignments include working on various testing methods of advanced ignition system prototypes, efficiency testing for igniters and plugs, and learning the processes for assembly, packaging and shipping. One of her Kettering professors explained in a letter of Laura's passion to excel in robotics. "... She participated in the development of a haptic-enabled mobile robotic platform which means an operator is able to control a mobile robot from a remote location. Laura has a strong a work ethic, shows attention to detail, demonstrated a very high level of professional technical writing skills and focused to deliver on time or in a short period of time. She also demonstrated strong team-working and communication skills." Panasonic Automotive Systems selected Laura from our top candidates to sponsor this educational scholarship for AWAF and she is our second-time scholarship recipient.