Sha'Vaughn Chaney

Awarded $2,500 on 9/1/2001


Sha'Vaughn, a freshman at Wayne State and studying automotive engineering. Sha'Vaughn brought her mother and sister, and who could blame them for being out of breathe? They had to rush to get there in time as her Japanese exam was running late. Yes, Sha'Vaughn is in her fourth year of studying the language and is planning on traveling with her class to Japan this summer on a sponsored trip. Quite a change from last summer when she was an intern at the GM Technical Center.

"I have always loved designing and developing new ways for things, even from a very young age...since entering high school I began to develop a real interest in math and science." Sha'Vaughn prepared herself for this in high school by selecting honors classes in Calculus, Chemistry and Physics.

She has been a member of the WSU Math Corps, US First Robotics Team at Golightly, Skills USA/VICA, and studied CAD. Her teachers have noted that she is "...scholarly, dependable, responsible and honest."

The AWA scholarship is going to help with her tuition, as the Presidential Scholarship she has does not cover it all.