Jamie Morrell

Awarded $2,500 on 12/1/2001


"After receiving my Associate degree I was hired in directly with DaimlerChrysler, which made continuing on for my Bachelor degree a lot easier because they had a great tuition reimbursement package. Last year they reduced the reimbursement package and DaimlerChrysler doesn't reimburse or cover the tuition costs that they use to.

I have recently started a graduate school, Walsh College. I am looking for to accomplishing my goal of getting a Master degree. I am an administrative assistant at DaimlerChrysler and once I have my Master degree I should be able to be promoted into part of the Human Resource Management Team or part of the P&S Team. Everyone told me that I wouldn't ever amount to anything and now I look at what I have done and what I have accomplished and I am very proud. I have a great family with three adorable, well-mannered kids, a house, and a job that I am happy working at. I might have had a rough time getting to where I am, but with the determination and family support you can do anything that you put your mind to. Honestly, I don't even know if I will stop after I receive my master degree. Learning new things by attending colleges has really made my open my eyes in a lot of different areas of my life and why things were the way they were. "