Ms. Rita Turchi

Awarded $2,500 on 12/1/2002

Rita Turchi was unable to join us on December 4th at our dinner event for an official presentation. Rita attends the University of Windsor and is a Masters Student studying Mechanical Engineering. Rita is in her second year and expects to graduate August 2003. Rita's conducting research and exploring the crashworthiness of child resistant systems as well as the make of restraints for children under the age of ten. Her thesis will be composed of both experimental and analytical modelling. The experimental portion of Rita's research will involve crash testing of child size mannequins that are incorrectly positioned within child restraint systems. "Exploring the safety aspect for vehicle occupants presents me with the opportunity to interact with experts in the field and contribute knowledge in the area that is a combination of several different fields of research".

Rita in addition to her research is responsible for mentoring a female high school student who is interested in studying engineering at the University of Windsor. Rita has found this to be an extremely rewarding experience. It is very important to Rita to encourage women to study engineering because it allows her to give others what was given to her as a young university student. Rita is also involved in several voluntary acts in her community.

Rita's career aspirations include work in the research and development aspect of automotive engineering.