Ms. Jennifer Burkhardt

Awarded $2,500 on 12/1/2002


Jennifer, a junior at Northwood University is studying automotive aftermarket. The automotive aftermarket curriculum along with Jennifer's background in drag racing has helped her decide that her efforts in life will be striving to improve the automotive industry. Due to the great interest of others in regard to racing, Jennifer has become enticed to be the captain of the Motorsports team at Northwood University International Auto Show. She has been in communication and has invited many racing enthusiasts to the auto show as well as coordinate her theme.

"The automotive industry is unique and definitely exciting. To many who have been exposed to the intriguing industry can identify that it is like a disease. The continuous change of the industry and unbelievable amount of the thrill has captured my dedication to the automotive arena. "

Jennifer worked as an intern this summer with Michael A. Kunzman and Associates. They are a hi-performance manufacture's representative agency, which has driven her interests to the success line faster.

Jennifer aspires to own her own performance retail and rebuild shop. She dreams that she will be involved in many associations to keep current in the aftermarket industry. "All my dreams will take time and experience, and I am excited to start today".