Ms. Kristin Kaskinen

Awarded $2,500 on 6/8/2004

Kristin Kaskinen will be a freshman at Northwood University in fall '04 and her plans are to study Automotive Marketing and Management. Kristin's high school GPA is 3.19 which is impressive considering she has fairly extensive work experience selling new and used cars while in high school. Her application included two pages of of extracurricular and community activities. Many people wrote letters of recommendation for Kristin, including owners and employees from aftermarket automotive parts stores, such as Mighty Distributing; her father's company: Kaskinen's Auto Sales, Saturn of Torrance, California, Auto Value parts store; Carquest auto parts, and more. Her family is the dealership business, and it's likely Kristina will pursue the retail side of automotive. AWAF was very impressed with Kristin's application, and her many letters of reference.