Ms. Tanya Kapoor

Awarded $2,500 on 8/10/2004

Graduate student at the University of Windsor, pursuing graduate degree in Mechanical, Materials, and Automotive Engineering. Her Masters Thesis compares the difference in performance of 3-point and 4-point restraint systems for child safety. She is also trying to develop a device that could prevent severe head injuries in children in vehicular crashes. While an undergrad at the Mahila Institute of Technology in Indraprastha University, Delhi, India, Tanya interned with Tata Engineering, the biggest automobile manufacturer in India. While at Tata, Tanya focused on vehicle exhaust systems and procurement of exhaust pipes, inlet pipes, silencers, and tail pipes. Her undergraduate dissertation was on the "Design and Development of Gasoline Direct Injection system in a four stroke single cylinder engine for a two-wheeler." Tanya's AWAF scholarship application discusses social movements in India enabling women to move into technical fields, and her passion for automotive research and design. Finally, Tanya's gradepoint is impressive--12.5 GPA on 13 point scale. She graduates August 2005.