Amy Jachim

Awarded $2,500 on 12/6/2016

Amy is a freshman at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan studying mechanical engineering with a focus on vehicle development.  While attending Kettering she is co-oping at Navistar in Lisle, Illinois. During her first rotation, she worked in product development on the interior body system components team. The first rotation was designed to provide a broad exposure to different components in the interiors of trucks and the engineering principles applied to develop innovative solutions.


Amy researched and documented trends in the commercial vehicle industry and how new systems will impact truck drivers and the trucking industry.  She isolated a noise issue in the storage unit of a particular truck model and successfully developed a solution.  Amy was also engaged in a material science project where she worked with plastic composite test samples and displayed them.  This will allow the engineering team to easily understand how changes in materials and grains affect the wear that plastics will experience over time in the trucks.


Amy’s interest in engineering began when she participated in FIRST Robotics as a high school freshman. She stayed involved with FIRST throughout high school and held several leadership roles including build team lead and pit crew lead.  She was also an integral part of the Engineering Inspiration presentation team.


Amy is a second time AWAF scholarship recipient.  Her hometown is Detroit, Michigan. The scholarship was sponsored by Johnson Controls.