Jordan Hiestand

Awarded $2,500 on 8/8/2016

Jordan is a graduate of Chico High School, in Chico, California and will attend Butte College to study Automotive Technology for an associate’s degree and transfer to Chico State for bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. When she was young she wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps to become a mechanic. It was later, when she decided she wanted to be designing the parts, that she aspired to become an engineer. Butte College will provide her with a mechanic education as well as a unique perspective as she pursues her mechanical engineering degree. Jordan contributed to and was involved in her high school’s literary magazine, Seven-Eighths Underwater including the review of literary quality, editing, organizing and advertising submissions. She wrote for Chico High school’s online newspaper and was published in The Valley Voice. Jordan is proficient with AutoCAD and SolidWorks software and been designing and creating 3D printer models from files created in SolidWorks.  The scholarship was sponsored by Panasonic Automotive Systems.