Ms. Nicole Kelsey

Awarded $2,500 on 8/8/2011

Upon completing her sophomore year at Pima College in Arizona, Nicole will transfer to Karl Eller College of Management, University of Arizona and major in marketing and advertising. Her career goal is to design marketing materials, campaigns, eMarketing and internet ads for the auto industry and develop innovative ways to reach audiences and impact vehicle sales, products, and merchandising. Nicole’s passion for cars blossomed when she purchased a used 2004 Mustang and started her hands-on customizing. She modified the chrome bumper inserts, added a cowl hood stripe, a Mach 1 Delete grille and Chin spoiler, chase taillights, and gloss back deck lid detail. Then she bought from Craig’s List a set of 17x8 chrome Mustang Bullitt rims and replaced her old tires with a new set of performance tires. To kick up the performance and horsepower, she installed a fender wall cold air intake and converted the stock pipe and bolted on a Flowmaster GT Catback to get a great tone and did more enhancements to improve her horsepower from 193 bhp to 245 bhp. She’s documented a year’s worth of retrofitting, learning’s and the mishaps all the way to the finish line. Nicole is active in the Collegiate DECA, an international association of students and teachers of marketing, management and entrepreneurship, and volunteers with fund raisers and as a judge at the high school level for DECA competitions. Nicole resides in Tucson, Arizona.