Elizabeth Heym

Awarded $2,500 on 8/17/2015

Elizabeth is a sophomore at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio with plans to pursue a degree in computer science and engineering.  She is the epitome of a student who seeks opportunities.  In high school she integrated herself early into STEM opportunities by joining the high school FIRST Robotics team, for which she is currently a computer aided design mentor.

In college, she continues to challenge herself and contribute by helping establish and co-captain the newest motorsports team in the college: the Supermileage Team, housed at the Center for Automotive Research. This all-female team of students has taken a project concept to production in just their first year of existence.  Elizabeth interned in the summer of 2015 for MoreSteam.com where she rewrote and reformatted outdated Cold Fusion code and designed interactive practice exercises for e-learning courses.   Elizabeth hails from Columbus, Ohio.  The scholarship was sponsored by The Ohio State University.