Roshay Timmons

Awarded $2,500 on 8/17/2015

Roshay is a recent graduate from North Farmington High School in Michigan and an incoming freshman at Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio pursuing a degree in business administration/manufacturing engineering.  She was a member of STEM Project Led the Way, Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program, Power Mentor Club, and Detroit Police Youth Leadership program, just to name a few.  These programs provided her with the opportunity to apply book knowledge with hands on experience for a solid foundation as she starts her collegiate education and a future in automotive.   

Roshay is a well-rounded individual and participated in many team sports, marching band, contributing her time and skills sets toward community volunteerism, and received numerous recognition awards.  Her high school instructor of engineering and architectural design wrote about Roshay’s qualities as a student and persona as an independent thinker, dedicated, team collaborator and has the ability to use creativity to achieve well-thought out design solutions.  She is a positive role model and always works to achieve success.  Roshay’s hometown is Farmington Hills, MI.   The scholarship was sponsored by Detroit Manufacturing Systems.