Free Guide for Tax Credits in Hiring Veterans, Guard Members and Reservists

 New Free Guide for Your Association Members


Federal Tax Credits for Hiring and Employing Veterans, Guard Members and Reservists

Learn about federal tax law enacted in December 2015

Center for America has just published a free reader-friendly Guide to help your members benefit from thousands of dollars in federal tax credits for hiring eligible veterans, National Guard members and Reservists.

Download the free PDF Guide here:

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"I am glad to recommend to employers everywhere that they make a special effort to hire our veterans," writes former U.S. Senator Max Baucus, (right), former Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, in the guide Foreword.  "I'm also glad to recommend this employer tax credit guide as a convenient and reliable way to learn about the significant federal tax benefits available to employers who hire veterans.  The American Jobs for America's Heroes campaign has made it easy to understand how to qualify for and successfully claim the employer tax credits in these federal programs."


The guide covers four tax credit programs:  Returning Heroes, Wounded Warrior, Activated Military Reservist Credit for Small Business, and the Federal Empowerment Zone Employment Credit. 


We have prepared this Guide for business and HR managers.  The table on page 3 will help your members identify what credits they qualify for.  The Guide provides links to required IRS and U.S. Department of Labor forms employers need to submit, along with advice about filing deadlines and procedures.