AWAF President Interviewed on Status of Women in in the Auto Industry

Sherry Muir Irwin, Partner at The Hunter Group LLC, and President of the Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation (AWAF) was recently interviewed for an upcoming segment of Comcast Newsmakers. Sherry spoke with Laurel Hess on the topic of advancing and empowering women in the automotive industry and discussed how far women have come in a male dominated industry. The Newsmakers interview will air on Headline News the week of March 24th and will start airing on Xfinity On Demand under the Get Local/Comcast Newsmakers button starting March 10th. 

 Below is the four minute and 30 second interview.


The extended piece will air on channel 900 with the following airing schedule - starting March 10th:  
Monday - 9am, Tuesday - 1:30pm, Wednesday - 11:30pm, Thursday - 8am, Saturday - 11:30am.
This extended piece includes two other interviews concerning trends in the auto industry.