Two AWAF Board Members Spoke at Kettering University's chapter of Society of Women Engineers

The Kettering University’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers had the honor of hosting Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation’s Kellie Treppa and Susan Rokosz. During the visit, Susan and Kellie spoke about their educational journey as well as their careers with the intent of equipping the young women of Kettering University with knowledge, insight and inspiration to be successful engineers, doctors and businesswomen. 

Susan and Kellie shed some light into the importance of continuing education after receiving an undergraduate degree. Both women spoke on the benefits of continued education via an MBA program or an MS program. The reflected upon how they chose what to study as well as the benefits of earning an MS degree or an MBA.

Susan and Kellie, both being successful women in the Automotive industry, were able to share wisdom on thriving within the workforce. They shared advice on things like how to move up in the corporate ladder, and how to handle tough decisions like when to switch positions or even switch companies. They often times drew upon the advice they had been given through many of the opportunities presented to them by Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation.

On a personal note, Susan and Kellie offered insight into maintaining a work-life balance. They shared personal stories about raising their own families while balancing their careers.

The students of Kettering University’s Society of Women Engineers are so grateful for the time and all the valuable insight that Kelli and Susan were able to impart on them. Susan and Kellie were truly an inspiration to the young students.