A Positive Outlook? Now That's A Gift!

At our holiday event, Linda Taliaferro introduced Therese Peace as our guest speaker who spoke to us about empowerment and how we can set ourselves up to truly leave a positive legacy. She spoke of how we, as women, tend to give our power away and how we can take it back.

  1. We need to learn to give ourselves permission to say no. Women have a tendency to always want to say yes and there are times when it is not in our best interest.

  2. Recognize what sets us apart-and learn how to articulate our value. We all have a story to tell.

  3. Self promote. We need to not be afraid or shy about letting people know of the good work we do.

  4. As women, we tend to need outside validation. We need to know validation comes from within ourselves.

  5. We need to recognize and pay attention to our blind spots - those areas not always within our purview.

  6. Don’t be invisible. We tend to want to stay under the radar and while that may seem more comfortable, it does make us go unnoticed.

  7. Don’t be afraid. Fear is often the result of false evidence that we take as reality.


  •  Be self aware and align our work with our values and beliefs.

  •  Practice self reflection and purge the things that don’t work.

  •  Pay attention and listen to the positive and let the negative go.

  •  Get a sponsor and a mentor - everyone needs one.

  • Leadership happens when we take risks and don’t wait until we are 90-95% sure.