Craziness: The New Normal?


March 22, 2012 AWAF Panel Event Somerset Inn, Troy, MI

Candid dialogue with professionals in the industry.
How to get ahead, present yourself and find a perfect fit.

AWAF is proud to host Panel Events throughout the year featuring advice from the area’s most talented leaders. In March, our esteemed panel discussed a range of topics that professionals should consider while either searching for a new job or looking to excel in their current position.

The panel was moderated by Charon Morgan of General Motors. The witty banter and real life scenarios created an entertaining and engaging session. AWAF board member, Sherry Irwin, taught members what recruiters are really looking for while Janice Krupic shared insights into the in-house perspective. Ken Guity was thought provoking and insightful by sharing successful

team building skills he has implemented while leading several departments throughout his career.

This event was especially timely considering the competitive job market and struggling economy. Our members left prepared and inspired to be better employees and team members. Thank you to all that shared in this excellent professional development event.